Frequently Asked Questions

How may I request Tettogres roof tile samples?

You may request free Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tile samples, at any time, by contacting our U.S. office:


What are expected shipping times for Tettogres roof tiles?

The lead time will vary according to the color or your requested order. Some colors are readily available, and in stock in our distributors’ yard. In such cases, there is generally no lead time.

Check our product portfolio to see which roof tiles are readily available. If your color it is not stocked in the United States, it will take about 4-6 weeks for delivery. For custom colors, please contact us to receive a forecasted lead-time for delivery of your roof tiles.


How many individual roof tiles come on a pallet?

Each Spanish-S Profile Tile Pallet carries 448 individual roof tiles.


How many pallets may be loaded onto a truck?


Many flat-bed trucks hold up to 45,000 pounds.* According to the specification-weights of our tiles, the following calculations apply:

  • Spanish-S Profile Tiles
    • 5.72 pounds per piece x 448 pieces per pallet
    • = 2,562 pounds per pallet
    • = 17 1/2 pallets per truck 0r 67 squares per truck

*Note: Load limits vary by truck make & model, as well as by state and local municipality ordinance.

*IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to check with your vehicle manufacturer and state / local government, to ensure you comply with vehicle and roadway loading limits, rules and ordinances.


May I order small quantities? Is there a minimum order size?

Tettogres has been successfully operating for over 30 years. Our desire is for your roof to look as beautiful as the day you bought it for the rest of your lifetime. You may always order a small amount from our distributor. There are no minimum order requirements. Estimated delivery times will vary according to the availability of the style and color roof tiles you order.

Click here to locate an authorized distributor in your area.


What if my shipment arrives broken, or is not correct?

If your shipment arrives broken or is not correct, it is your responsibility to contact the distributor you purchased it from, or our Tettogres U.S. offices, IMMEDIATELY, to report the problem.

Note: All order problems must be reported within two (2) working days of shipment receipt.


What are Tettogres roof tile benefits’ over concrete alternatives?

  • Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tiles have much lower water absorption (~ 6%) than concrete tiles, which have absorption rates of roughly 13%. The absorption rate greatly impacts the visual appearance of your roof since humidity and rain absorbed by the roof tiles enable the formation of mildew and fungus, which consequently require maintenance. Higher absorption rates in concrete tiles compromise the visual aspects of your roof, and its functionality, since they exhibit considerable weight increase with rain, further compounding the naturally heavier material weight.
  • Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tiles are highly impermeable due to the nonporous ceramic finish. This enables us to offer you a virtually maintenance-free roof. Concrete tiles, on the other hand, must be pressure washed frequently to look good.
  • Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tiles are very resistant to cracking and fading due to the high-performance of the minerals we use, as well as our advanced, single-firing baking process. Slurry concrete roof tiles are widely known to crack and fade, due to their higher water absorption rates and exposure to the Sun, weather and other natural elements.
  • Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tiles weigh much less than concrete tiles. Depending on the tile profile,
    • Concrete Spanish-S equivalent tiles weigh about 1,100 lbs/square.
    • Tettogres Spanish-S tiles counterparts, weigh only 660 lbs/square.
    • Tettogres tiles’ reduced weight bears a significantly lower load on your building and roofing structure.__tg-warranty-60-years-150x150
  • Tettogres’ advanced production process enables us to offer you a wide variety of different colors and finishes – at the same price. Across the U.S. roofing industry, this value-feature is only available with Tettogres roof tiles. Manufactures of concrete and clay alternatives, charge varying, and often premium prices, for the option to select a color.
  • Tettogres guarantees our roof tiles for a SIXTY-YEAR LIFETIME. Concrete roof tiles are typically guaranteed for only 25% of the time or 15 years.


What regulatory approved materials are used with Tettogres roof tiles?

According to our Miami-Dade NOA, Tettogres ceramic roof tiles are to be installed as follows:

  • Single patty adhesive-set systems: 3M 2-Component Foam Roof Tile Adhesive AH-160
  • Nail-on-Systems: #8 Screw

Click here to read the Tettogres Spanish-S Profile Tile Miami-Dade NOA 


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