Our Story


We welcome you to the Tettogres Ceramic Roof Tile family, and extend a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to visit our Web site. We are truly excited about our recent expansion into the United States roofing market. We are eager to assist in servicing your needs and interests with our offerings, as you work diligently to make your residential or commercial roofing project as good as it can be.

Tettogres is a family run business. Our father started the business over 30 years ago, and began modestly, yet seriously, to produce some of the finest white clay tiles in Brazil. The work ethic and fairness principles he taught our family, and instilled into our business, are fundamental to our operations and serve as our ideological foundation. These principles have combined with our team’s technical insight and innovative development efforts, allowing us to pioneer the next generation of ceramic tile. The result of these efforts has seen TettoGres springboard into one of the largest tile producers in South America.

Our production capacity is now more than 60,000,000 tiles per year.  This growth has only been made possible through the tireless efforts of our tenacious, intelligent, hard-working team, which now numbers more than 250.

Together, we design, engineer and manufacture one of the most technologically advanced roof tiles on the planet. The powerful output of this collective effort continues to influence developing trends throughout the broader roofing industry, worldwide.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to bring the profound improvements of our ceramic roof tile technology to North America, as well as to other countries around the world.  We believe our products will raise the bar for sustainable buildings, and help create tremendous value across America, as they have similarly done in our home country.

When we made the decision to bring our products to the U.S., it was clear that must make an unwavering commitment to support you and your needs, so that we may flourish, collectively. Together, with our growing U.S. based support team, we promise to do all that we may, to successfully enable your objectives, and make ourselves available to you, personally.

While we have long worked hard, we also recognize that there is a great deal of hard work, ahead. We are confident that our efforts may provide you, your family, and your organization, with substantial value, and are eager to explore such opportunities with you.

Thank you, for your interest and consideration of Tettogres, and we look forward to the promise ahead, and your enabling inquiry. Please send us a note through our contact form, email us directly at info@tettogresUSA.com, or reach out via phone at 855-265-7775





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